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Alexander Terekhov

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Alexander Terekhov was born in June 1966 in the provincial town of Tula, just south of Moscow. After graduating in journalism from Moscow State University, he was conscripted and served in the Soviet Union’s Internal Security Forces. After the army Terekhov worked as a reporter for the cultural sections of the journals Ogonek and Stolitsa, and then in various editorial positions. At the same time, he began to win acclaim for his literary dissection of military life and his depiction of the chaos that perestroika had ushered in across provincial Russia.

The Great Stone Bridge

Chtenia: Winter 2014
An excerpt from a new novel about an infamous murder case in Moscow that revealed a horrific layer of elite corruption and bigotry. The excerpt introduces the scene of the crime, looking at the history and mystery of this great bridge.
Author: Alexander Terekhov
Translator: Simon Patterson and Nina Chordas