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Lev Ovalov

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LEV OVALOV (SHAPOVALOV) (1905-1997) may not be a household name in Russia, but in the Soviet era his character, Major Pronin, was widely known and wildly popular. He even achieved the ultimate Soviet accolade: a series of jokes about the cool, all-knowing spycatcher. Ovalov fought in the Civil War and began publishing in the 1920s. Just before the start of World War II, his Major Pronin stories achieved huge success. But then in 1941 he was arrested and spent 15 years in the camps and internal exile. Upon being exonerated in 1956, he wrote three additional Major Pronin novels.

The Tale of the Cowardly Devil

Chtenia: Spring 2013
Excerpt from one of the classic Soviet era Major Pronin tales, about a skilled Chekist battling in this case wreckers.
Author: Lev Ovalov
Translator: Donna Turkish Seifer
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