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Margaret Winchell

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MARGARET WINCHELL is a Slavic librarian and author as well as a translator specializing in Russian literature. A graduate of Indiana University, she published her first book, Armed With Patience: Daily Life in Post-Soviet Russia, in 1998 after several extensive stays in St. Petersburg during the turbulent 1990s. She is currently at work on a biography of one of that city’s islands, Vasily’s Island. Major translations, with co-translator Gerald Mikkelson, include Siberia, Siberia and Siberia on Fire, both by Valentin Rasputin. Her most recent translation, The Cathedral Clergy by Nikolai Leskov, was published by Slavica in 2010.

The Cathedral Clergy

Chtenia: Summer 2011

Author: Nikolai Leskov
Translator: Margaret Winchell
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