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Piers Gladstone

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Piers Gladstone Piers Gladstone is a British freelance journalist based in Moscow. Educated in England, Piers graduated from Edinburgh University and regularly contributes features and travel articles to Russian and international publications. His work has appeared in publications such as The Times (London) and The Moscow Times. He has also been documenting and recording traditional music on his travels about Russia. When not traveling or writing, Piers helps prepare young Muscovites for entrance examinations to English boarding schools.

The Land of Wars

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2006
Straddling the border between Russia and Estonia, nestled along the shores of Lake Peipus, where Alexander Nevsky defeated the Livonians in 1242, lies the ancient region known as Setomaa. Here the dwindling Seto people, renowned for their lyrical singing and hybrid pagan-Orthodox beliefs, struggle to survive the 21st century.
Author: Piers Gladstone
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