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Dmitry Feofanov

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Dmitry Feofanov emigrated to the United States in 1978, while the Soviet Union was still intact. After a piano career (which included stints on the faculty of the University of Kentucky and the top prize at the University of Maryland International Piano Competition) he got tired of being a struggling musician and decided to become a lawyer, which he does from his home in Dixon, Illinois. Feofanov and Allan B. Ho are the editors of the Biographical Disctionary of Russian/Soviet Composers, (Greenwood Press, 1989).

A Single-Minded Man

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2003
He was a great composer who never lacked for confidence. We take a tour of his life and work.
Author: Dmitry Feofanov
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The Genius of Shostakovich

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2001
No musician in the 20th century has been more judged for what he wrote--versus what he composed or performed--than Shostakovich. We asked one of the participants in the controversy surrounding the prolific composer's biography to fill us in.
Author: Dmitry Feofanov
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