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Very soft but still European. Pleasant after taste and no harsh smell even not chilled. Normally I am not a straight up drinker, but this martini was awesome. Love it! When is it coming to New Jersey?
Reviewer: Inna Tsiren | Score: 5

Great stuff! Very smoth yet with carachter. For $20 a liter they got my money. Package is clean and not too fancy. 5 stars
Reviewer: Serge | Score: 5

Very smooth. Definitly a martini or straight up drink. Full of taste and very soft finish.
Reviewer: Sonya | Score: 5

What i like the most is no harsh alcohol smell even after 5 minutes out of martini shaker.Very warm feel on the after taste.
Reviewer: Tolik | Score: 5

For me this drink has a lot of character, which is miissing in most of the sweeter over-distilled rivals. Pallet is mild on the second sip and aftertaste is warm and smooth. 5 stars
Reviewer: Alex | Score: 5

Tried it at the Sashas Promotions party. Liked the taste but loved no hangover next morning.Normaly I feel like s%&t after drinking half of what i drunk that night of Goose or Kettle. The problem is no stores have it.
Reviewer: Vladimir | Score: 5

Recommended to me by the bartender "Exclusiv Vodka" has quickly become one of my new favorites. I first had it in a Vodka Tonic which went down very smooth and so we ordered a bottle for our table which quickly become two shortly after. It was a crowd-pleaser among my group of friends which isn't usually the case when everybody has a different pleasure for drinking. Will highly recommend and look for in bars around me in the future.
Reviewer: Alex | Score: 5

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up Exclusiv Vodka for a party I was throwing...Everyone raved at the high quality and truly enjoyed it...The best part was the price. I can now afford to have more get together's with Exclusiv Vodka...Anyone for a Cosmo? Girls!!!
Reviewer: Caroline | Score: 5

Yesterday was introduced by my husband to his new drink with Exclusive Vodka. Must to tell -best taste ever tried. Hope to get recipes for New Year event.
Reviewer: Tina | Score: 5

How is Vodka this good, this cheap? 6 stars.
Reviewer: Carlo | Score: 5

You need to run not walk to your nearest bar or liquor store and DEMAND this vodka. My friend introduced to me 7 years ago and I have NEVER had another brand pass my lips since. BEST BUY VODKA 2010 from tastings.com.
Reviewer: Jack Calt | Score: 5

I am a huge fan of your brand. As most things I enjoy, your vodka is of high quality without being pretentious. Everyone I introduce it to loves it. Na Z'darovia!
Reviewer: Allan Korsunsky | Score: 5

Very smooth finish with no bitterness. This is absolutely amazing. The price is almost too cheap for the quality - I recommend stocking up before the inevitable price increase. I hate to admit it but I'd pay double for this.
Reviewer: James | Score: 5

Drinking Vodka for 55 years and recently purchased Exclusiv....What a pleasant surprise it's fabulous with a great price!!!!
Reviewer: Nick | Score: 5

this was an unexpected pleasure. The low price will fool the average vodka snob.exclusiv will stand on its own against the overpriced competitors. Pass me another.
Reviewer: Roscoe E. Wallace | Score: 5

I tried it after a friend told me about it. I am a Grey Goose drinker and drank it neat. The vodka is pretty good. I will continue to buy it.
Reviewer: Jerz Al | Score: 4

Recently vacationed in S Florida ran into Exclusiv in a liquor store in Ft. Myers. Great for mixing or on the rocks. Hope I can find it in Green Bay !
Reviewer: | Score: 5

Usually have vodka w/ tonic...my favorite drink. Tonight I found this at my local store, thought I'd give it a try. Wow! It was SO smooth I had to try a sip just by itself. Honestly, was blown away. A pleasant sweet note, but otherwise a very clean finish. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Latimer | Score: 5

Well, I suppose I'm a full fledged vodkaphile...never before have I even considered making comment on a vodka (tho I've tried many). It was Exclusiv that prompted it all. I've had the best and the worst, over the years. Compared prices, etc. Long ago I was and still am, a fan of wine (even have family in the business). But for me... vodka somehow stole the show. It has its own complexity too afterall. Well, glad to share my thoughts on a truly fantastic spirit. I for one have asked my local store to order and keep on stock...since I know eventually it will sell. For now...a sip and a toast!
Reviewer: Latimer | Score: 5

Not much of a drinker. Beer is too bloating and belchy and wine burns my throat and stomach. I decided to try vodka, as I had had a few "screwdrivers" in my younger days. I have gastroparesis and drink tea, V-8 and fruit juices. I found that I liked mixing the vodka with OJ, a shot of prune juice, a dash of V-8 Fusion and iced tea...on ice. I get my cocktail and my fruit and veggies...and a tasty beverage.
Reviewer: (Ms.) Dale Oglesby | Score: 5

I can't understand for the life of me why this vodka is getting such rave reviews. I had a horrible hangover from it and have drunk bottom shelf Burnett's with little to no hangover in equal ammounts. Not the vodka for me at all.
Reviewer: LaFemmeChristina | Score: 2

worst hangover ever
Reviewer: phill | Score: 1

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