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Very smooth, no bite or aftertaste. I prefer it on the rocks, but great with any fruit based mixer, especially white grape fruit juice. It's a unique vodka because it's made from Shiraz & Cabernet grapes from the Barossa Valley in Australia, distilled 10 times; which I understand most northern vodkas are only distilled 6 and best of all, it's gluten free. I'm a lover of wine, so naturally wanted to try this. Enjoyed!
Reviewer: Jenny | Score: 4

Clean, fresh and distilled 10 times, Cooranbong is made of GRAPES.
Reviewer: Marilyn Noonan | Score: 5

Smooth - mix with any fruit or soda and it is great - no hangover must be the 10 times distilled or grapes
Reviewer: Dan | Score: 5

A fantastice Vodka. The best I have tasted. And finally one from Australia, that's distilled using those Aussie grapes!!
Reviewer: Sam Lincon | Score: 5

Extremely smooth. A little oily. Very refined. I imagine that this would be good in any drink. I tried it with orange juice. I was completely blown away. Back to back against Grey Goose proved its superiority. Maybe my favorite vodka yet.
Reviewer: Mike W | Score: 5

i have never liked vodka on the rocks before.....wow this was good
Reviewer: john | Score: 5

sooo smooth and clean. straight press with cooranbong cannot be beat!! spread the word
Reviewer: rachel | Score: 5

smoothe....hangover free very good by itself on the rocks
Reviewer: john | Score: 5

This is the best vodka ever! Clean, smooth and awesome on the rocks. Makes the best martinis! Drink up and be safe.
Reviewer: Tank and Libby Herring | Score: 1

We give this vodka a 5 star. Tank and Libby Herring Didn't see the star rating for the vodka.
Reviewer: Tank and Libby Herring | Score: 5

A very good, clean, mild vodka. For 23.99 a fifth, it's nice for special occasions and it won't break bank.
Reviewer: Joe | Score: 5

Lemon scent.....great on the rocks..only way to drink it right from the freezer.......I bought a bottle in Atlanta Ga can not find it in Florida. I drink Grey Goose only and have now made the switch...LOVE IT
Reviewer: Larry K | Score: 5

Bought Cooranbong because it was on sale...would gladly pay full price. So smooth, no hangover and I honestly wouldn't spoil it with much its that smooth. Cooranbong means " water over rocks"... they indeed nailed the name.
Reviewer: Melissa | Score: 5

Gorgeous taste - smooth and delightful!
Reviewer: Scott Hummel | Score: 5

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