4 reviews of Volganaya

Good affordable vodka at trader joe's. i think they might not be carrying it anymore, like moscovskaya. it took me 4 tries to find it at a trader joe's. and the price went up $1! still a good everyday vodka for $10 a liter.
Reviewer: James | Score: 4

very clean taste, I was suspicious drinking Estonia vodka and was very pleasently surprised. Better that a lot of vodkas that are double its great price at trader joes.
Reviewer: CJ | Score: 4

Pretty decent for the price - I paid $11 for the bottle.
Reviewer: mb | Score: 4

Smooth, and not overwhelmed by tonic. Best straight up with lime. Save your money... there is no reason to buy a $20 bottle when Volganaya is available. As a backup: Moscovskaya.
Reviewer: Dave | Score: 4

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