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The best vodka I've ever tasted. Smooth and yummy, even at room temperature. No unpleasant aftertaste at all, no burning. Bought it in Moscow airport duty free shop. It is not cheap, but boy, was it worth it!
Reviewer: Andrew | Score: 5

A good example of Russian vodka- named after Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Made by "Moscow Distillery Cristall", who, I believe also makes superb Cristall vodka at about twice the price, not quite twice as good though. (Cristall used to be labeled "Stolichnaya Cristall"- as best I can figure out!). Unlike above reviewer, here in eastern U.S. a liter of Putinka vodka is very reasonably priced at about $16/liter.
Reviewer: Rob | Score: 5

This is an excellent mid-range vodka. The screw-open bottle cap design is interesting. The vodka is smooth, slightly citric and crisp. The aroma fills your nose, but won't leave any heartburn. Slightly sweet and not acerbic at all. Not peppery. Silkier and more pleasant than many more expensive Russian vodkas. Try a bottle next time you're in the Motherland.
Reviewer: David McVey | Score: 4

The bestvodka I've tasted so far. received as a gift from Russia duty free airport. Goes down like water, good at room temperature and dangerously smooth (the fgact that I could not keep my hands off it) Well worth it!
Reviewer: j | Score: 1

This vodka is extremely smooth - much better than Russian Standard Platinum. I mentioned to someone that I was a "Vodka snob" and they brang this vodka which they had brang back from Moscow... Unfortunately I can barely find it in North America, the only places selling it are out of stock or won't ship.
Reviewer: Miles | Score: 5

The store owner pushed Putinka Soft Classic, so I bought a bottle $13 + tax. Excellent, smooth, light. And the bottle cap is cool - once I figured it out!
Reviewer: Joe Scott | Score: 5

My first 4 bottles were great, Smooth hardly any odor. Now the label and cap are different, smells like rubbing alcohol and slightly burns going down (What changed?)
Reviewer: roy | Score: 2

Very hard to find, but well worth it. I spent 3 years in Russia studying...and in general, any vodka made from the Cristal plant is considered the best in Russia. This is no exception. Very smooth and crisp, no after burn at all...a great vodka to drink it Russian style (Dont mix).
Reviewer: steve | Score: 5

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