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Mar/Apr 2014 Current Moscow Time: 18:34:58
19 April 2014

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Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2014

Mar/Apr 2014

Cover: Elena Petrova

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4: In Defense Paul E. Richardson
On the negativity of press surrounding Sochi and why we don't even try defending Russia. That's not our beat.

7: Rain, Rain, Go Away Maria Antonova
On the closure of one of the last independent broadcasters.

16: Shooing, Amnesty and Relics Maria Antonova
A look at some recent events that made the news, but in ways not covered elsewhere.
Social Issues

19: Springtime in Paris Tamara Eidelman
Russian troops marched into Paris in March 1814 and were mostly welcomed during the duration of their occupation.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


22: The Subbotnik is Born Tamara Eidelman
A look back at the odd history of "Communist Saturdays" – or how working on non-workdays was not such a big deal.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


25: You Can Leave Your Hat On Mikhail Ivanov
On the many ways shapkas have creeped into the Russian lexicon...
:: Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

Survival Russian

26: Bunin's In Paris Susanna Nazarova and Evgeny Dengub
This issue uses Bunin's wonderful story, In Paris, to take readers back 100 years to the time of Russian's second sojourn in the City of Light.

28: Terror and Art Joy Neumeyer
A witness to the turning point that was Patriarch Tikhon’s funeral, artist Pavel Korin devoted the rest of his life to putting it on canvas.

36: Mysterious Folk Art Joanie Conwell
These strange, paddle-shaped boards, painted with lively folk motifs, had both practical and symbolic significance in village life.
Folklore & Folkart

42: Chasing Nabokov Diana Bruk
In which a scholar of the great Russian-American writer goes in search of Nabokov’s other family estate.

48: Secret Bunker Nick Allen
A stark manifestation of Cold War fears, this hidden bunker outside London was to have housed the Prime Minister in the event of nuclear war.

52: World's End Nikolai Gernet
The North can bewitch you, as Nikolai Gernet is reminded when he visits one of Russia’s most remote and attractive outposts.
:: Translation by Paul E. Richardson


60: Pies to Brighten Bleak Winter Days Darra Goldstein
These rich, slightly sweet pies from Karelia will warm up your end of winter days.
:: Illustrations/Images by Alexander Sherstobitov


62: Spies and Memoirs Paul E. Richardson
Reviews of two nonfiction works about spies (some in Russia, one in America), and two memoirs of Russians from very different eras.
Under Review

64: Nobel Spirits Paul E. Richardson
Now for something completely different: an original Russian-themed crossword.