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July/Aug 2014 Current Moscow Time: 17:04:24
28 August 2014

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Russian Life: July/Aug 2014

July/Aug 2014

Cover: Ilya Repin

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4: Fire and Ice Paul E. Richardson
On the serendipitous mixture of fire and ice in this summer's issue.

7: Cold War in Space Maria Antonova
As the New Cold War between the US and Russia heats up, joint space ventures, some 40 years in the making, are in the crosshairs.

16: Prohibitionism Maria Antonova
A look at the recent prohibitions on smoking and foul language.
Social Issues

19: Distorted Portrait of an Artist Tamara Eidelman
Ilya Repin was one of Russia's most famous, prolific and talented artists. So why was he dismissed by some in the Soviet era?
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


20: Pivot to Revolution Tamara Eidelman
For Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Revolution began in August 1914.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


22: The Committee for the Wounded Tamara Eidelman
Two hundred years ago, in the wake of the Napoleonic war, Russia established a committee to take care of soldiers wounded in war.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


23: Smolensk Becomes Russian Tamara Eidelman
There was a time when Smolensk, now so close to Moscow, was a world unto itself.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


26: Leaving City Life Behind Michelle Berdy
Summer means it is time to head to the dacha. Here are some linguistic items to pack before heading out.
:: Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

Survival Russian

27: Simferopolsky Banksy Susanna Nazarova and Evgeny Dengub
This issue's language learning insert is on the issue's story on a popular Crimean street artist.

29: The Last Months of Peace Anna Mazanik
A century ago this summer, the War to End All Wars began. What were Russians concerned about in 1914? Not war.
:: Translation by Nina Shevchuk-Murray


35: Liquid Assets Nicky Gardner
Healing baths and springs have a long history in Russian literature and culture, and those traditions are being revived.
:: Illustrations/Images by Susanne Kries


44: Ukrainian Sparks Natasha Beskhlebnaya
A renowned Ukrainian artist uses street art to pay tribute to those who fell in his country’s recent uprising.
:: Translation by Paul E. Richardson


45: Simferopol's Banksy Anton Trofimov
For six years, a street artist nicknamed Sharik has been leaving his mark on Crimean streets.
:: Translation by Paul E. Richardson


50: A Kiss is Still a Kiss Rachel Nielsen
What is the deal with Russian men locking lips in greeting? Is it a thing? Or was it just a Brezhnev thing?
Social Issues

54: Holy Spring of Iskitim Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby
Outside the Siberian city of Novosibirsk a spring commemorates victims of a Gulag crime. Or does it?
Religion & Spirituality

60: Instinct for Preservation Darra Goldstein
On the Russian art of food preservation, and a refreshing summer recipe for melon preserves.
:: Illustrations/Images by Alexander Sherstobitov


62: Spies, Denouncers and Gods Paul E. Richardson
Three books make our cut this issue, and all are about spies and infiltrators.
Under Review

64: Saving Lives Alexei Bayer
On how the new smoking ban will play out.
Social Issues