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July/Aug 2015 Current Moscow Time: 23:52:08
4 August 2015

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Russian Life: July/Aug 2015

July/Aug 2015

Cover: Sergei Zhuravlyov

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4: What a Difference a Decade Makes Paul E. Richardson
US-Russian relations are on ice. We aim to challenge the prevailing trend with a cross-Russia trip by two photojournalists. Join us, won't you?

7: Weaponizing History The Editors
History is being increasingly politicized. Case in point, a recent documentary about the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.
Note Book

16: Once is Not Enough The Editors
Polygamy may be illegal in Russia, but that didn't stop a highly-placed friend of Ramzan Kadyrov from having a very public wedding to a second (at the same time) wife.
Family Life

19: Bitter Annexations Tamara Eidelman
How a Russian deals with the hostility from Baltic residents about the events of 1940, even when one does not agree with or condone them.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


21: Vladivostok Tamara Eidelman
On the anniversary of its "birth" we look back at the history of the "ruler of the East"...
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


21: Yaroslav the Wise Tamara Eidelman
The rise of Yaroslav the Wise as ruler of Kiev. It may not be all we think it was.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


23: The 1905 Revolution Tamara Eidelman
110 years ago, the 1905 revolution set Russia on a course that would lead to war and revolution.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


28: Wild Pitch David Edwards
It is not an easy task to sell the very American sport of baseball in a time of state-sanctioned anti-Americanism. But that doesn’t stop the Gladikovs.
:: Illustrations/Images by Sergei Zhuravlyov


36: Crime & Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky
This summer, why not read one of the classics? As a teaser, we offer an excerpt from Dostoyevsky’s timeless classic, in a new translation by Oliver Ready.
:: Translation by Oliver Ready

Literary Insert

38: The Enchantment of Kimzha William C. Brumfield
William Brumfield has been tromping all over the Russian North for three decades, documenting soon-to-be-lost architecture and villages. He takes us to tiny Kimzha.

45: Between Two Worlds Nicky Gardner
During the tsarist era, Russians’ perceptions of themselves were powerfully shaped by travelogues about the world that lay beyond the empire’s borders.

48: Trotsky's End Levi Bridges
Seventy-five years ago this August, Leon Trotsky was brutally murdered while living in exile in Mexico. Levi Bridges visited the scene of the crime, now a veritable shrine to the Bolshevik leader.

57: The Joy of Soviet Cooking Jennifer Eremeeva
Anna Kharzeeva is learning to cook, Soviet style, from her grandmother. We listen in, and get a fresh new recipe for summer shchi (soup).

60: Stalin, Mythology and Faberge Paul E. Richardson
Reviews of "Stalin: A New Biography of a Dictator," by Oleg Khlevniuk; "The Great Glass Sea", by Josh Weil; and the documentary "Faberge: A Life of its Own."
Under Review

64: Northern Mozzarella The Editors
In response to Western sanctions, Russian counter-sanctions, and Russians' love of cheese, a northern monastery is using experience and equipment from Italy to make fine soft cheeses.
Post Script