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Featured Articles

January 1, 2009
Chtenia 5: Literal Poem Translations

Literal translations of poems from issue 5 of Chtenia.

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Tags: poetry, kudasheva, translation, winter
November 14, 2008
Chekhov Complete On-line Texts
By Chekhov

Complete texts, in English, of several Chekhov short stories.

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Tags: russia, chekhov, literature, texts
September 20, 2008
Russian Folklore
Russian Folklore

Editor's choice of books about Russian folklore and folktales.

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Tags: books, folktales, russia
August 15, 2008
Caucasian Stalemate
By Paul E. Richardson

Last Thursday, after several days of skirmishes and confrontation in the breakaway region of Ossetia, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili announced a unilateral cessation of hostilities. Hours later, however, Saakashvili ordered his armed forces to undertake a full-scale assault on Ossetia...

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Tags: caucasus, georgia, war
August 4, 2008
By Paul E. Richardson

This morning, Vermont Public Radio called to interview me about Solzhenitsyn's legacy and his life in Vermont. I had just interviewed his wife, Natalya Dmitrievna, while in Moscow in May. We had planned to run that interview in our Nov/Dec issue, to coincide with what would have been the author's 90th birthday. But now we will push it up and run it in our Sep/Oct issue, which goes to press this week. 

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Tags: solzhenitsyn