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8 February 2016

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February 4

By The Editors

A few books we have received recently that we thought Russophiles should know about.

February 2

By Igor Podgorny

Igor Podgorny is a geology teacher in Petrozavodsk, but he is also an expert wildlife and landscape photographer.

February 2

By The Editors

For the spring issue of Chtenia, our literary quarterly, we are looking for a few good reader photos...

February 1

By Alice E.M. Underwood

In honor of Evgeny Zamyatin's birthday, here are eight Russian sci-fi novels that reveal something about Russia and the world beyond.

January 29

By The Editors

Today is Chekhov's birthday (he's 156). We celebrate by kicking of several months of Daily Chekhov quotes, and share a few other things...

January 28

By The Editors

The leading travel company shares with us their nine best Instagram photos from their fascinating d...

January 27

By Darina Gribova

Why are St. Petersburg residents cheering the city's new approach to snow removal?

January 26

By Igor Ageyenko

Igor Ageyenko, 29, lives in Blagoveshchensk. This week he offers us a tour of his city, plus a few other places in the Amur oblast.

January 24

By Paul E. Richardson

Quite often, I am intrigued by the juxtaposition of events that show up in our "On This Day" listings. It is almost as if there were a thin thread across time, linking thin...

January 20

By Elena Chernyshova

Elena Chernyshova, 34, lives in Norilsk. She sends us pictures of this mining town, as well as the Siberian city of Kodinsk.

January 15

By Paul E. Richardson

On Monday, January 18, a new BBC six-part miniseries of Lev Tolstoy's War and Peace comes to American television. Here's your crib sheet.

January 14

The classic work of Russian journalism, Moscow and Muscovites, by journalist Vladimir Gilyarovsky (translated by Brendan Kiernan), received the prestigious 2015 AATSEEL Award for Best Scho...