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July/Aug 2015 Current Moscow Time: 04:58:47
31 July 2015

  The world’s biggest country, in a magazine. Since 1956.

The Spine of Russia

Join us in our effort to stifle the drumbeat of enmity, aggression and rivalry... with a book!


Nikon Russia
Nikon Russia
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Travel with us (virtually) along the Spine of Russia this fall, as we seek to break down stereotypes, gather fascinating stories and images, and collect it all into an amazing coffee-table book (which you can prebuy by way of supporting this project).


On This Day

Notable events on this day in Russian history

1898: Opening of the first sewerage system in Moscow

1903: The Second Congress of the RSDLP opened in Brussels (Bolshevik/Menshevik split)

1904: Tsarevich Aleksei (Romanov), last heir to the Russian throne, was born (Aug 12, NS)

1953: Aleksandr Balandin, cosmonaut, born